Bespoke Mindfulness – tailored to your circumstances.

In Mindfulness by Susan Allshorn

Bespoke Mindfulness

Bespoke Mindfulness

Bespoke Mindfulness

I’ve never had a suit tailored to fit but I like the idea of bespoke mindfulness. Closely crafted and supporting me where I am.

Mindfulness courses have been a long time in the tailoring. Many are designed for particular client groups. Not because mindfulness is different. Its core values and teachings may be similar but client groups have different needs.

Who does Bespoke Mindfulness fit?

People with addictions, acute depression or mental health issues need the added support of a practitioner experienced in those fields. This is not me.

Each course I do teach will be shaped by the people taking part, by what they share, who they are and how they choose to be week by week. It is a great joy, sharing that process with people.

People dealing with chronic pain need more time when moving, may even need to do this in their own homes. This is my expertise from personal experience and as a Herbalist of long standing.

In Mindfulness-Based Pain Management courses, Stress courses, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (for cancer) courses and  Mindfulness in Daily Life I use tried and tested approaches in teaching and guiding the particular skills in a way that is most helpful for each client.

Why choose a bespoke course?

There are other reasons a course may need to be bespoke.  Working in a group may be too difficult at the moment. You may be housebound, have mobility problems or anxiety around going out. Your health or work schedule may make committing to a scheduled regular weekly session difficult, courses may be held at times that are impossible. More flexible scheduling may make the difference between being able to do this or not.

You may need the help mindfulness tools can give but being with other people adds to the stress you’re already coping with. There is learning to be gained from working in a group but sometimes it’s all too much.

Technological Hiccoughs

I use e-mails to send information about the course, establish that initial connection (and mobile too!) and as additional support.

I don’t deliver Skype or internet courses or individual tuition via these means. These are tools that require different skill sets to my own (not least sufficient confidence with technology).

Bespoke Mindfulness

Fitted to your life, your particular need to learn what mindfulness may have to offer. Potential help with pain, anxiety, stress, chronic or life-limiting illnesses, cancer (as a survivor or a sufferer) all the while recognising that not everyone thrives in a group setting.

How many fittings?

A bespoke suit is not finished in a day and mindfulness is a skill which we may dip in and out of throughout our lives

We may have a single session, and it is enough. Sessions may be longer than a week apart.

When you book an 8-week course if you decide this is not for you after the first session then you pay for the single session and the rest is refunded.

There will be no hard sell business marketing, no reminders of forthcoming events unless you decide that’s what you want.


We live in what used to be the Abbey Gatehouse (now Hopkins House).

It’s peaceful and quiet with ample parking.

Courses may be run elsewhere – so check when booking.

How to book?

Send me an e-mail on the contact page, pick up the phone and call, Mobile: 07221 198249 I will get back to you as soon as I can.

We can then discuss what you are looking for, the practicalities of timings and, if you wish, book your first session.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings, Susan