In News by Susan Allshorn


Please leave expectations at the door. Expectations can lead to disappointment. Bring an open-minded approach and see what happens.

There will be no more than 6  people. This is kitchen table course. Working from home, my home, just as you will be from yours with your meditation and mindfulness practice.

Will I have to role play?

I use ‘enactments’ and scenarios, some humour, though that’s not entirely my forte, as practical demonstrations of the course content. You would only do these if you volunteered. So it’s up to you. I suggest you don’t make eye contact when I’m setting up the exercise. Be prepared to be taken by surprise and find that as the course progresses this reluctance changes. Feel free to change your mind. The choice is yours.

I also use these in 1:1 sessions, so you can’t escape that way. They are quite fun to do and very illustrative of the key learnings.

Once you’ve met my Auntie Maud you won’t forget avoidance as a way we try to, well avoid, being with life as it is.

Will I have to share my story?

You participate as you feel comfortable. I‘d rather you didn’t share your story. We have limited time and  most people’s stories are far too interesting to get through in the few minutes we have to introduce ourselves.

Being present in the moment is why we are here. Just share your name, where you’ve come from on the day and what you hope to get from the course – in a few words.

Is anything I say confidential?

Confidentiality in the group is requested but remember not everybody is good at this.

This is not a therapy group. Share only what you are comfortable for people to know. Remember too everyone is feeling slightly uncomfortable, to begin with, that’s normal. You can always add more later if you wish.

The Registration Forms which everyone completes before the course starts are only seen by me.

Sharing home practice 


This is what you experienced in your home practice, how it helped, what new things you became aware of as a result. The challenges you may have experienced in trying to find space and time for the formal meditations.

It’s not really about the problems you may be having at home or work just at the moment, though these may come up in the tea break when you’re chatting with people.