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Meditation – sitting, standing, walking?

In Meditation by Susan Allshorn

What is meditation?

To begin “Are you sitting comfortably?”Meditation can be done, sitting, walking, standing or lying down. Make yourself comfortable.

It’s about spending time, quietly in your own company. In the Breathworks courses I teach we use the breath as a focus so that each time we get lost in thoughts, which is inevitable, we can return to the breath.

Do I need any special equipment?

I use a yoga mat, two yoga cushions and a rolled up towel to help me sit comfortably, but I also use a hard-backed chair and the bed when I need to.

How do I do it?

Meditation is a skill, we need to learn how and the only way to learn is by doing it. You can read all the literature in the world, including this post, but the only way to see what it feels like is to do it. There is a short meditation here to try.

I’ve tried meditation and it doesn’t suit me?

Sometimes our timing can be a little out? You may have been trying, as a beginner to do it for too long. Start with two minutes, twice a day and take a break one day in seven. If sitting still leaves you agitated and unsettled, try meditating as you walk. Make whatever you do a habit, by repetition. Give yourself a break – if this is the wrong time for you, be gentle, take some time out, come back to it when you feel able. You wouldn’t try to run a world record 100metre sprint without training so why would you imagine being able to meditate (brain training) without practice?

It’s too simple

We’re so used to accepting the concept that things have to be complicated, taught by someone with so many letters after their name it needs a billboard to display them, accompanied by an all-sing, all dancing website that we’ve forgotten that often a very simple approach can be just as effective.

It’s as simple as taking a breath.